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So, I Sold Out

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  2008.07.21  19.49
'The Best Thing About Me'

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  2008.05.03  20.43

Where to begin? Let's try @ the beginning.


I landed in London just before 7AM on 4/29/08. During the flight, I got to see three movies: 'I am Legend' (not nearly as bad as I imagined), 'Walk Hard' (not nearly as funny as I expected), and 'Sweeney Todd' (delicious!) during the flight - which means not a huge amount of sleeping took place. And not that I had necessarily slept a ton the night before. Such travel details aside...

I wandered my way over to customs, where I was grilled on my trip. Apparently the customs agent could not believe a medical student (such as myself) could afford such a trip. Meh.

Once cleared, I picked up my luggage and took the Heathrow Express to Paddington, where I switched to the tube, got off @ the Russel Square stop (OMG, a lift?!) and hoofed it to the Bloomsbury Park hotel. Once checked in (around 9:30AM or so) I took a brief nap until 1:30PM (or so).

I then took off to the Piccadilly Circus station, only to find that my favorite half-price ticket joint had become some crappy tourist ticket hoc. Against my better judgment, I booked a ticket there anyway for the 'Lord of the Rings' stage show at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, for half-price. And then they didn't even give me my tickets - just a receipt that I would have to return to the same ticket shop to exchange for my actual tickets between 5:30PM and 6:30PM. I didn't even know my seat locations at purchase time. Silly, silly. Blah.

Then I booked it over to the British Museum where I saw the Rosetta Stone, pieces of the Greek Parthenon, tons of Aztec relics, most of their Egyptian collection, and just a little of their Chinese/Korean collection. Woo!

I then headed back over to Piccadilly Circus, picked up the tickets (they turned out to be in a great location). Then it was time for dinner. I ate @ the Hanson Raja Restaurant , where I ordered the lamb extra spicy. Of course, it was not spicy enough (cue Kevin's voice: typical), even though I asked for extra-spicy.

After dinner, I went off to the Theatre Royal, was seated in ample time, and enjoyed what was a fantastic show. While I would have maybe preferred seeing a show I wasn't already familiar with, I was very impressed with how they staged the familiar LOTR story.

I had exchanged texts with Anthony that day, and had arranged to meet him 'at the Pub.' Of course, I arrived at the Duke of Wellington pub, only to find it closed @ 11PM. I guess he works @ a different pub nowadays! So I missed him this time around. After grabbing a Guinness @ a local pub (that was open), I headed back to the hotel and went to bed.

I woke up late (10am), packed by 11am, and stored my luggage with the concierge. I was able to run over to St. Paul's Cathedral. Thankfully, they had opened the top this time - OMG, best view in London! I mean, the London Eye is the tallest, for sure, but for the mix of height and location, my money's on St. Paul's.

Those of you that know me, know I like being on top of big things - Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacré-Coeur, et al. It turns out, it matters which thing it is that I sit atop. I prefer the Sacré-Coeur to the Eiffel Tower and the Arch, for example, because it's not SO high (like the Eiffel Tower) that I can't identify with the people below, but is high enough to get a great view.

Anyways, following my successful ascent up St. Paul's, I had some Pad Thai @ Bonchoo Thai (they didn't even try to make it spicy - simply plopped down a side of crushed red pepper and said, "if you want it spicy, here you go," then grabbed my bags and headed over to Victoria station, where I boarded the Capital Connect train up to the Gatwick airport. I checked in for my flight and headed off to Vilnius...


  2008.02.18  22.15

I'm not sure why I'm taking these anymore. I'm like superly solid ENTP.

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Anyways, on tonight's run it was cold and I could see the steam coming from my breath AND off my arms. It was a good run!


  2008.02.15  20.29
Santa Barbara - Week 2 of 4

Santa Barbara is beautiful. I was standing at the beach today overlooking the sunset pondering how happy I am at this moment.Read more...Collapse )


  2008.01.30  18.27

The Divine...
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  2007.11.28  23.25

My Dating Strengths and my Dating Weaknesses
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*wonders out loud* I wonder if I should be learning something from this...


  2007.11.02  22.37

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  2007.10.04  19.52

Computer. Nerd.
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  2007.09.20  23.41
What Kind Of X-Person Are You?


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  2007.09.02  01.27
IQ Test

Super IQ Test

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Career Personality Test

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  2007.08.16  10.26

Fortune (the cookie kind) today: Others are attracted to your lively and sociable personality.


I have an objective structured clinical exam today. I probably should be nervous. Eh.


  2007.06.21  13.32

This was somewhat satisfying, as well as clarifying.
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  2007.06.10  11.42
Last Day in Europe

On Friday, I:
Woke up in Paris @ 5am-ish.
We went off to the RER, which dropped us off within walking distance of the CDG airport. We checked in quickly, enjoyed a lame airport breakfast, and boarded our place to Luton Airport in London.
Once in London, we train-ed it into Central London, where I ran over to the Astor Quest, dropped of my luggage, and ran back to the London Dungeons, which were fun, though VERY cheesy. At that point, I only had a little time, so I skipped visiting the top of St. Paul's, and went back to the hostel, picked up my stuff, and metro-ed it up to Paddington Station (where Ryan met me, albeit 20 min late). We caught the Heathrow express out to the Heathrow airport, where they wouldn't let Ryan carry on both of his carry-ons.
Once back in the US, we got through customs in reasonable time, Flavio picked us up, and I dropped Ryan off @ the Washington DC Union Station early the next morning.


  2007.06.10  11.22
Update from Paris, Day 6

On Thursday, Ryan and I woke up around 8 and metro-ed over to La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle station, where we searched for a moment before finding the Fat Bike Tour place where we had made reservations. Once we loaded up, we took the bikes out to the train station (it was quite a wild ride, considering many of the folks there hadn't been on bikes in quite some time). The adjusted our handlebars before we boarded the train. Josh and Graham where our tour guides - great guys, college students from Texas. (In Paris, weird, huh?).
Once off the bike, we stopped at a shopping area where we picked up a bottle of very, very sweet Pinto Gris, two sandwiches, a couple pastries, yogurt, and some tomato/mozzarella salad. After packing it all in Ryan's backpack, we met the group and biked out to the gardens of Versailles. It was an overcast day, and the mist over the ground of Versailles was stunning. Our first stop was Marie Antoinette's hamlet, where she lived with her friends and put on plays she starred in. We then went to the Petit Trianon where we took a bathroom break before heading off to the Grand Trianon. All that pink Marble - it was stunning! From there, we walked out to admire the canal. We then headed out on our bikes around the canal before stopping to enjoy the lunch we just put together. Ryan and I tried to feed the ducks, but they were uninterested. The lunch spot was ideal - we admired the Château of Versailles over the long, long canal. It was really stunning.
Then, we biked to the Château of Versailles itself, parked up, picked up our tickets, and walked all about. In the Château, I admired:
- The State Apartments
- The King's Chamber
- The Queen's Chamber (nicer than the King's, I think)
- Opera House
- Paining of the Coronation of Napoleon
- The Hall of Mirrors (where the Treaty of Versailles was signed). This was the best room in the Château.
We then took off, biking back to the train station, and then biking back to the office.
Ryan and I took off back to the hostel, showered up, and went off to Marais. I took Ryan to Le Petit Picard (so many Americans there this time), where we enjoyed the steak and lamb, respectively.
We then went off to Cox's packed Thursday night, enjoyed a drink, and went back to the hostel for bed.


  2007.06.10  10.31
Update from Paris, Day 5

On Day 5, I:
Woke up early (around 9am) and, after the simple hostel breakfast, I walked over (or rather, up and up and up) past the rue du Mont Cenis water tower to Butte Montmartre to visit the Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, which ties the Arc de Triomphe for the best view in Paris. I church itself was quite impressive, with everything in gleaming white. I then began the 'Lonely Planet Paris' walking tour of Montmartre, which led me to:
- L'Eglise Saint Pierre de Montmartre
- Montmartre funicular
- Le Bateau-Lavoir (a studio where Picasso and many other famed painters used to paint)
- The Moulin Rouge theatre
- The Musée de l'Erotisme (which I visited - lots of dildos and old, old porn was playing)
- The Café des Deux Moulins (you know, where Amélie worked as a waitress in the film Amélie).
- Where Theo van Gogh lived, and where his brother Vincent also stayed for a time - it's a great complement to the van Gogh museum.
- The famed Moulin de la Galette windmill and the site of the Moulin Radet restaurant (which is now called the Moulin de la Galette).
- The wall along the Cimetière St-Vincent
- Au Lapin Agile cabaret with the mural of the rabbit on the outside
- The Close de Montmartre vinyard
- The Musée de Montmartre (which wasn't that interesting), I left after 15 minutes to have lunch @ the:
- La Maison Rose restaurant
- Eric Satie's house
- The Espace Dalí which had a collection of Salvador Dalí.
I then booked it back to the Abbesses Metro, which I took up to the St. Denis station. I got to see the Basilica of Saint Denis, whose crypt is known as the "royal necropolis of France" because that's where all French royalty has been buried. I saw the tombs of all the ancient French kings, from Clovis I (465 - 511) to Louis XVIII (1755 - 1824). It was cool!
I then metro-ed over to the Cardinal Lemoine metro station. I started the next walking tour in the book, which led me to:
- James Joyce's place when he was editing Ulysses
- Ernest Hemingway's place with his first wife
- The site of the musical bar musette, featured in a Hemingway novel
- Where Hemingway wrote (along 39 rue Descartes)
- Into place de la Contrescarpe
- The site of the original Cafe des Amateurs (now Cafe Delmas)
- Au Negre Joyeux and the strange painting of the happy black slave and white master
- Where George Orwell lived for a time
- Alongside the tower Clovis
- The Église St-Étienne-du-Mont
- The Panthéon (which was astonishing - their crypt holds Voltaire, Rousseau, Marat, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, Jean Moulin, Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Louis Braille, Jean Jaurès, and many other famous french folk). The view from the top of the Panthéon was nice, but nothing compares to Basilica of the Sacré Cœur in Montmartre or the Arc de Triomphe. The nice part is that you could nicely see the tower that was the Clovis Abbey next door.
After the tour of the dome of the Panthéon, I ran up the Boulevard St. Michel in the hopes of seeing the Sainte-Chapelle which, sadly, closed by the guard just as I was about to enter. So, I metro-ed down to the Saint-Sulpice church (featured in the Da Vinci code as the site of the Rose Line and the murder of the nun), where I admired the 'sun obelisk' and the brass meridian line that runs from it.
I then left and went off to meet Ryan @ the Louvre. Ryan took off shortly thereafter, but not before showing me where to find the Mona Lisa and other famous art pieces. I admired much of the art, especially the Young Martyr and the French crown jewels.
I left the Louvre, went over to Place St. Michel where I enjoyed a hot chocolate before deciding my feet deserved a bit of rest. So, I went back to the hostel where I met Ryan for dinner. We hobbled down to the corner of rue Hermel and rue ordener to (I think) le cafe de la place, where I had the veal. It was delicious.
I then headed to bed, since we had to get up early the next day for the bike tour.


  2007.06.10  10.00
Update from Paris, Day 4

On day 4 I:
I woke up 'round noon - Ryan hadn't come home. I left a note on the key.
From Pont Marie metro station, I took a stroll across Pont Louis Philippe to Rue Jean du Bellay, across Pont Saint-Louis to Quai de l’Archevéché and down to Quai de Bontebello. I finally got into the Musée de l'Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, which had a number of paintings, documents, and artifacts of the history of hospitals in Paris (which was, apparently, started by the church). Apparently mothers used to abandon their children to the hospital, and they kept a door-device in the museum they used to facilitate this 'drop off.' They also had a collection of very old baby bottles. The museum building was, in fact, the Hôtel de Miramion - the old pharmacy in town. I then headed out to Notre Dame de Paris, a fantastic Gothic cathedral. Ryan's Paris bf (aka David) called me, but it was apparently they were on their own for the day). I walked all around the inside of the Cathedral, admiring the architecture and the beautiful stained-glass windows. Afterward, I exited the building and took a stroll through Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris at the Hôtel-Dieu on Île de la Cité.
Exiting the hospital, I noticed a line to climb the towers of the Notre Dame, which I promptly jumped into. It took about 30 minutes to get through the line, and I got to admire all the gargoyles and the famed 'bell of the Notre Dame' (think Quasimodo in Victor Hugo's book) up close. The view was pretty, but not much compared to the Arc. I left the towers and descended into the crypt of the Notre Dame, which is officially, "Archaeological Crypt of the Parvis of Notre-Dame," hosting tons of very old archaeological material from the Roman time of Gaul. It was fascinating to learn the ancient history of this historic city.
From the crypt, I booked it over to Sainte-Chapelle right inside the Palais de Justice. Unfortunately, there were closed at that point.
Recognizing I had promised to meet Ryan @ the Bercy station @ 7:30, I only had a little over an hour to get to the hostel, get my things together, and get over to the stadium to catch Marilyn Manson.
On the metro back to the hostel, I got a phone call (reception apparently works in their subways!) that Ryan was bailing. So I relaxed the pace a bit, and got out to Bercy 'round 8pm. I had another fantastic dinner (can I just tell you how freaking good French food is?! Damn!!) at a place called Le Bercy (which is also the name of the stadium itself).
The Manson show was fun - I sat central in the very rear to admire the view of all the Parisians moshing and going nuts. Their costumes were out of this world - they take their fashion very seriously over there, even if it is goth.
After the show I went back to the hostel and went right to bed.


  2007.06.10  09.16
Update from Paris, Day 3

On Day 3 I:
Left Novotel and headed over to the Musée de l'Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, which was closed on Mondays (apparently like many museums in Paris). So I walked along Quai des Grands-Augustins up to Pont Neuf, and visited the little garden at the very tip of the Île de la Cité, which was gorgeous. I sat at the edge of the island for a bit before walking out to La Conciergerie on the other side of the Palais de Justice. It was sortof a monument to the folks that died during the French Revolution, and included an example of the room Marie Antoinette stayed in before she was executed in the Place de la Révolution, now-called Place de la Concorde.
Inspired, I headed over to the Louvre for a bit to meet Ryan (which didn't happen - I got there just as it closed, but Ryan had already bounced), so I took the opportunity to walk out to the Arc de Triomphe. I first stopped in the Jardin des Tuileries, then out in the Place de la Concorde, then stopped at the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais to check it out before hoofing it along the Avenue des Champs Elysées out to the Arc.
You can't walked through Charles de Gaulle turnaround there (it's the largest and busiest roundabout in the world) so there's an underpass you take before you climb up the spiral staircase to the top - where you have a view of all of Paris and along the 12 avenues that merge at the turnaround. It was the most fantastic view - I enjoyed it more than the Eiffel Tower.
From there, I wanted to see Place de la Bastille where the Bastille used to stand, so I saved my feet the trouble and metro-ed out to the Bastille station where I enjoyed a hot chocolate admiring the July Column and the nearby opera house. Ryan called, and we agreed to meet at the Concorde.
I went out to Place de la Concorde and waited for 90 minutes before getting an angry phone call from Ryan - apparently he thought we were to meet @ the Concorde metro station; I thought we would meet @ the giant Egyptian obelisk. Anyways, I metro-ed back to the hotel from which we metro-ed out to Marais. We ate @ Au Petit Fer A Cheval (I think) before heading over to Quetzal Bar, then Cox, then another bar, before returning to Quetzal Bar (where Ryan met David).
I went back the hostel and went to bed around 11pm (Ryan didn't join me).


  2007.06.04  14.41
Update from Paris, Day 2

Yesterday I:
Woke up 10am, booked tickets to the Versailles for Thursday, and used our passes to go out to the National Assembly Metro station. Ryan and I walked past National Assembly, admired the Grand Palais from afar, before heading over to the Musée d'Orsay (which, like many of the museums in Paris, is free the 1st Sunday of the month).
From d'Orsay we went over to the Hotel de Invalides, where we did NOT go in to see Napoleon's tomb, but instead bought lunch.
Once fed, we Metro'd over to the Catacombes, which is where all the exhumed cemetery remains are in Paris. It was really something.
We then Star-bucks'd it before Metroing over to the Musée Haute Coture (sp?). After seeing all these modern Coture dresses, Ryan was too allergic to go further. So Ryan headed back to the hostel and I headed toward the Eiffel Tower. I stopped, though, before crossing the Seine, to admire the Place de Varsovie and Palais de Challot. I then crossed the Seine and climbed to the first and second levels of the Eiffel Tower on foot via the staircase. However, they don't let you staircase to the top, so I was resigned to paying 3,70 for the privelage of taking the elevator up. The view was 100% totally worth it, OMG the view of Paris was astounding.
After that, I bought tickets to a boat tour of Paris on the Seine, and in the forty minutes before departure, booked it down the road and across the Pont de Bir Hakeim to the Allée des Cygnes, and across the island itself to the mini-statue of liberty and back to catch the boat tour. The tour was wonderful, and really helped cement Paris' lakefront geography in my mind. I then went back to the hostel, where Ryan wasn't any longer, before changing and heading out to Marais. I had a fabulous dinner @ the Le Petit Picard before having a glass of wine @ Le Quetzal (happy hour all night!) and another glass @ Open Café. Gay Paris is, I've decided, the gayest place on Earth.
I went back to the hostel, woke up this AM at around noon, and metro'd it over to a (sadly, now defunct) internet cafe. So, I settled for the Novotel internet which; thankfully; is free!!


  2007.06.04  14.31
Update from Paris, Day 1

We arrived in Paris around 4p. We figured out the metro/RER system, and took a series of trains that got us to our hostel by 5:30p or so.
We then took off at around 6p to the Congres de Paris, which turned out to be a huge mall. We picked up our tickets, and had a fabulous dinner nearby, and took our seat at ~7:30p.
The opening band was a ton of fun.
Then tori came on - it was clyde night.
Once the show was over, we went back to the metro.
Then we took FOREVER in line to get a carnet of metrocards, and the hairy-chinned lady @ the counter was a total bitch (the first rude experience we'd had in Paris).
We metro'd it back to our hostel, tried in vain to use the 'net (it's a weird security system that prevents me from using popups, even on email), and finally went to bed.


  2007.06.04  14.15
Update from Amsterdam, Day 4, part b

On Friday night I:
Went back to the hotel where I was an hour late @ this point meeting Ryan.
Ryan and I went along the Albert Cuypstraat looking for dinner, and ended up in Balti House, where we had some samosas, some lentil soup, and some highly spicy lamb Vindaloo. Yum!
Ryan then went back to the hotel, and I went to Arc to meet Andy and Josh for our final night out.
Andy took forever (I said between 10 and 11 - I show up @ 10, Andy @ 11). So, I met some dutch guys (including Edward Carlos?). Andy and Josh finally show up, but they went off with some Americans, so I let Edward take me home, where we talked for a bit and I fell asleep.
Thank goodness I set my alarm, which woke me up @ 5am. I booked it back to the hotel, packed up, and grabbed a cab for the Eurolines Station @ the Amstel station.
We got there around 6am, but our bus wasn't until 7:30, so we slept for a bit before finally being able to get our tickets and board.
The bus was great, the Netherlands and Belgian countryside was a beautiful thing to wake up to during my extended nap.


  2007.06.01  19.35
Update from Amsterdam, Day 4

Last night I:
Went drinking with Ryan for a bit on Reguliersdwarsstraat (quickly becoming my favorite little strip in Amsterdam), and ran into Ryan and Josh @ Arc.
At about 2am Ryan and I slipped out of You II and back to our hotel.
Woke up ~noon today. Dropped clothes off @ the laundromat (LOVE having someone there that washes your clothes for you... LOVE it).
Headed over to the Cartier shop on Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat, where we met Andy, and then where Ryan shelled out over $1100 euros for a Cartier Trinity Ring. We went browsing up and down the street for a bit, then returned to the hotel to drop off the valuable acquisition.
Then, we hoofed it back to the Van Gogh Museum, where I caught the highlights before ducking out to catch the Heineken Experience. It was cool - turns out Heineken is the 'brand of the century.' It was cool thinking about it from a b-school perspective, though the touristy part was a little lame. At least I got three pints of Heineken out of it! For my money, the Guinness Storehouse was better.
Then I headed out back to April Amsterdam on Reguliersdwarsstraat for their happy hour (count: 5 pints @ this point) before running toward the Anne Frank house. I, sadly, did not reach my destination before deciding to stop off @ this internet cafe before dinner.


  2007.05.31  22.55
Update from Amsterdam, Day 3

Today I:
Woke up at Ken's place. I woke up, and Ken made lunch - mm, yummy fried rice!! After bumming around for a bit, I walked around the homomonument, had raw fish ("haring") from a street vendor, and past the Anne Frank house (which, sadly, had a line forever long and I forwent). I then walked about Nieuwendijk street, which had fantastic shopping. I got ice cream @ Van der Linde Ijs (amazing, just like cream!) and fries @ Vleminckx - awesome!
I then went back to the April Amsterdam bar for Happy Hour, shot over to Arc for a drink, then went off to meet Ryan and find this internet café.
Yay for keyboards the maké áccént márks.


  2007.05.31  22.47
Update from Amsterdam, Day 2, Part B

Last night, I:
Had Dinner @ this cute Japanese place on Reguliersdwarsstraat and met Jade, the hostess there who it trying her hardest to break into the flight attendant industry.
I then checked out the Torture Museum, which was not much for 5 euros.
Then, I went past the April Amsterdam bar, where I had a couple, and met Kenzo Yamamoto. He took me back to his place, where we smoked out, and I fell asleep. Oh yeah, there was no sex - I have a bf after all!


  2007.05.30  19.54
Update from Amsterdam, Day 2

Today I:
Woke up in the Park Place Hotel at ~noon.
We cabbed it over to the Vivaldi Hotel.
Turns out this hotel just opened. They didn't have a lobby (it's currently being built) or towels (yet to be delivered). What they DID have, though, were the steepest stairs I'd seen - I've since learned that they are 'dutch' stairs, and they are so narrow that people can't get furniture up them. The way people get furniture into the houses here is to hoist them up using a hook placed on the top beam of the house. It's really something.
Naturally we're on the highest floor. We check in, drop off our stuff, and go grab lunch at a quaint pub on the corner of Stadhouderskade and Weteringlaan. After lunch, we go grab our clothes from the room, and drop them off at a laundromat down the street - for a small fee, they do our laundry for us. Ryan heads off, and I take a canal cruise down Amsterdam's canals and the harbor - it was awesome!!
I then took off to the streets of Amsterdam, where I, among other things, found this internet cafe.
Now I'm off to dinner! Oh, and when I was last up in the room, it turns out our towels HAD been delivered. Thank goodness!!


  2007.05.30  19.16
Update from Amsterdam, Day 1

Yesterday I:
Landed in Amsterdam. We zipped through customs, picked up Ryan's bag, and found an internet terminal, where Ryan tried to find us a cheap hotel room. I then called the hostel to notify them we wouldn't be coming in that night.
We ended up at the Parkvondel Hotel (I think it was Park Place Hotel in English). We checked in at around 10:30am, and slept until ~5:30pm.
We woke up, and walked immediately up to the Leidseplein, where we found a little coffee/smoke shop with internet.
Ryan decided he was going to get a hotel for our entire stay in Amsterdam. So, he booked us for three nights at the Vivaldi Hotel. We then went and had fabulous tapas at Castillo. This is where we learned that they don't serve Ketel One brand Vodka here in Amsterdam. Saddness.
We then went bar hopping along Reguliersdwarsstraat, where we ran into Andy (from Chicago) and Josh (from Minneapolis). They took us through the Red Light district, where we had a couple of drinks in the Amsterdam Eagle (so dirty - the bathroom had a shower where men peed on a nearly naked pee slave). We then went past the Cockring, where we got cards letting us in free Wednesday night. We didn't pay the cover to go in, though.
We then cabbed it back, all four of us - dropping Andy and Josh off at the Golden Bear Hotel - before we go back to the Parkvondel Hotel.


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